Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box ,Egnyte
OneDrive & OneDrive Business

CloudEye is the most usefull file explorer for iOS and provides access to many cloud storage providers.

  • Multiple file Copy, Move, Upload, Download operations
  • Create Folder, Delete, Rename files
  • Email attachment and share your files with other apps
  • Multiple accounts connection even for same cloud storage providers, such as 3 Dropbox accounts, for example
  • iOS 11 Files App integration
  • Photos App integration
  • Slideshow for photos, viewing videos, documents and music files
  • Many apps are able to connect only one account at the same time.
    But CloudEye allows you to connect two cloud storage account at the same time for Large Screen devices like Ipad and Iphone Plus.
    For Example, You can connect Dropbox account in rightside window while you can connect Google Drive account in leftside window